ÉMI- Non-profit Limited Liability Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Buildings

Thematic and administrative coordination, moderation and communication

ÉMI Non-Profit Limited Liability Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building (founded in 1963) is Hungary’s largest, complex building and construction material inspection, control, certification, specialist and innovation institution, a member of numerous European and international organisations. ÉMI Non-profit Llc. collaborates with:
- governmental bodies,
- universities,
- local governments,
- scientific and research institutes in the whole country.
Besides domestic activities ÉMI Non-profit Llc. also performs foreign job assignments.
The staff members of the ÉMI Non-profit Llc. actively participate in the work of professional organisations, technical and scientific associations and as lecturers they also take part in various professional and university courses.

Contact person:
Dorottya Hujber
project manager
00 36 1 372 -6143

National Labour Office

Employment and education policy, surveying, analysis, moderation, stakeholder consultation, vocational and continuing education

Our organization, the former National Employment Office (headquarter of the Public Employment Service of Hungary, called National Employment Service) has been given a new name as a result if its merge with two other organizations: the Hungarian Labour Inspectorate and the National Institute for Vocational and Adult Training.

Contact person:
Péter Palotai

Hungarian Building Material Association

Energy, education analysis, surveying and consultation (industry thematic pillar coordinator)

Contact person:
Tamás Pálvölgyi, PhD
Executive Manager

Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry

moderation, surveying,lifelong learning, vocational training, energy,

Contact person:
Csaba Elek

Hungarian Association for Plumbers and Technical Contractors

energy and building industry surveying, research, vocational training

Contact person:
Kata Korom