“The Build Up Skills Hungary project is supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme together with other 29 European countries. All projects are being implemented along the same thematic structure.

The large contribution expected from the building sector to the 2020 energy and climate change objectives is a major challenge to the construction sector and to industry as a whole, which needs to be ready to deliver high energy performing renovations and as well as new (nearly zero energy)buildings. This calls for a major effort to increase the number of qualified workers in the market as well as for measures that facilitate decision making on energy related construction issues by building owners. As learning and gaining qualifications are “”upstream”" measures, it is now time to act so that a better qualified workforce will be in place to deliver by 2020.

The initiative focuses on the continuing or further education and training of on-site / ‘blue collar’ workers in the field of buildings, strengthening the qualifications of craftsmen, construction workers, systems installers, etc. after their initial, compulsory education and training or after they have entered working life.
Activities incude the development of a national roadmap to embed the training on intelligent energy solutions for buildings in the mainstream curricula and practice of building professionals targeted by the initiative (craftsmen and other on-site workers). Based on a complete analysis of the national situation, the roadmap should take into account the expected contribution of the building sector to the national 2020 targets and the requirements for ‘nearly zero-energy buildings’. It should focus primarily on training the existing workforce as craftsmen (continuing education) but could also address initial education and could address a selected number of crafts and professions.

Main tasks:
• Initiation of the national qualification platforms that bring together all relevant stakeholders;
• Analysis of the national status quo: frame and quantify the need for qualified workers in the building sector in each Member State by 2020 (and beyond);
• Set up and endorsement of national qualification roadmaps for achieving the 2020 energy targets as regards the continuing education and training of the workforce in the building sector;
• Active participation in the European exchange activities.